Static Stress Simulations

We perform static stress simulations based on linear material models to determine deformation, stress and failure of parts caused by applied loads and constraints.

Deformation and stresses

Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization is a process to reveal main load paths and to reduce weight and to optimize structual efficiency under applied loads and boundary conditions.

Main load paths

Brown Part Stability tests

3D printing of Metal Injection Molding feedstocks enables cost-effective, easy and safe production of metal parts. Standard FFF printers can be used to produce so called green parts comprising binders and metal powders which need to be debound and sintered to yield full metal parts. For more information please visit Forward AM and IGO3D and the 3D printing section on this page.

Brown Part Stability tests are crucial to elucidate survivability of parts during post processing (debinding and sintering) of the green parts. Static Stress Tests based on gravitational forces acting on a brown part material model are done to identify critical stresses indicating targets for redesign.

Critical stresses during debinding and sintering